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Virtual Assisting allows you to have the flexibility and control of your schedule and office location. As a virtual assistant, you have the freedom to expand as you see fit within your career. You will have the chance to expand your skill set and develop your areas of expertise in ways you never would have had the chance to before.

Course curriculum

Become a Virtual Assistant Training Course

    1. Overview and Outline

    2. Activity - Create a document

    3. Becoming A Virtual Assistant

    4. Activity - Work Life Balance

    5. Activity - Virtual Assistant Options

    1. Understanding Business Basics

    2. Entrepreneurship

    1. Activity - Effective Calendar Management

    1. Organizing Your Inbox

    2. Inbox Triage

    3. Activity - Inbox Triage Scenario

    1. Speaking Engagements

    2. Keynotes

    3. Book Publishing/Launches

    4. Event Planning

    5. Workshop

    1. Webinars

    2. Planning, Execution, and Follow up

    3. AI Help

About this course

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  • 64 lessons
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“I love the flexibility of working from home and the ability to work with clients from different businesses. It always keeps things interesting.”

Michele Carbone

“Being a Virtual Assistant gives me the opportunity to connect with new people all over the globe while still being able to take care of my family and house. It provides me with the flexibility I need to be part of my children's lives and be there during these years when they need me most.”

Tammi Williams

What You Can Expect

This comprehensive course will teach you all you need to know to start a successful and thriving career as a virtual assistant of the highest quality by industry standards. This course will provide you the knowledge and skills you need to be a high level, productive and strategic, executive virtual assistant, whether you want to work for yourself or for a corporation.